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Nano solar panel efficiency 50%

Update Time:2013.01.12 News Sources:Fried net

Solar energy technology has been in continuous evolution, with a view to have higher energy efficiency. The United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency a new project to demonstrate, through the nanometer material to the light into different parts, make solar absorption of a specific spectral color. According to the research, it can improve the efficiency of more than 50% solar panels.


By virtue of light micro-control on progress, scientists use a sheer material successfully brought light to color arrangement, capture and from one point to another point. It also integrates a microscopic features, usually shorter than light. This new project hopes to create a precise framework, but able to large-scale industrial production materials.


The technical problems faced by the main economic scale. Although it will take many years to a competitive price to produce this kind of photovoltaic panels, but if it can achieve theoretical propaganda is likely to raise efficiency, optoelectronic industry revolution.

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