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Solar photovoltaic cable to the photovoltaic system and the impact of purchase

Update Time:2012.09.20 News Sources:sunyosolar

Solar photovoltaic technology will become the future of green energy technologies, solar or photovoltaic ( PV ) has been widely used in China, in addition to government support for photovoltaic power plant development is rapid, private investors are actively the construction, plans to put into operation in the global sales of solar modules. However, many countries still in the learning stage. There is no doubt that, in order to get optimal profit, the enterprise inside course of study, all need to those already in the solar energy application has many years of experience in the countries and companies to learn.

Construction of economic and efficient profitability photovoltaic power plant, representing all solar manufacturers the most important goal and core competitiveness. In fact, profitability depends not only on solar components of its efficiency or high performance, but also inseparable from a series of seemingly has no direct relation with component parts. But all of these components (e.g., solar photovoltaic cable connectors, junction box ) should be based on person of invite public bidding of long-term investment target selection. The selected components of high quality can avoid costly repair and maintenance cost and cause the solar system to profit.

For example, people would not normally connected photovoltaic module and inverter wiring system is considered as a key component of.

solar cable

However, if not use the solar energy application for cable, will affect the whole system's service life.

In fact, the solar system is often used in harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperature and ultraviolet radiation. In Europe, it will cause the solar system when the scene temperature up to 100 degrees C. At present, we can adopt the materials of rubber, PVC, TPE and high quality cross link material, but unfortunately, the rated temperature of 90° C rubber cables, and even the rated temperature of 70° C PVC cable is often used in outdoor, obviously, this will greatly affect the system use life expectancy.

Environmental stress

On the application of photovoltaic, outdoor materials should be used according to the UV, ozone, sharp temperature change and chemical erosion circumstances. In this kind of environment stress using cheap materials, will cause the cable sheath is fragile, and even breakdown of cable insulation layer. All these conditions will directly increase the cable system loss occurring at the same time, cable short risk will increase, from the long-term perspective, fire or injury to persons have a higher chance of.

Solar cable is a kind of electron beam cross-linked cables, rated temperature of 120° C, the device can resist harsh climate and subjected to mechanical shock. According to the international standard IEC216, RADOX ?solar cable, in the outdoor environment, its service life is 8 times of the rubber cable, PVC cable 32 times. These cables and components not only has the best weather resistant, resistant to ultraviolet light and ozone attack, and can withstand greater range of temperature changes ( for example: from– 40 °C to 125° C ).

In order to cope with the high temperature lead to potential hazards, manufacturers tend to use double insulated rubber sheathed cable. But such cables standard version only allows for a maximum working temperature of 60°C environment. While in Europe, the roof can be measured the temperature value is higher than 100° C.

Solar cable rated temperature of 120° C ( can be used for 20000 hours ). This rating is equivalent to about 90 ° C in continuous temperature can be used for 18 years; and when the temperature is below 90° C, its service life is longer. Usually, requirements of solar energy equipment service life should reach 20 to 30 years.

Based on the above reasons, the solar system using special solar cables and components is very necessary.

Resistance to mechanical loading

In fact, in the installation and maintenance period, the cable can be in the roof structure sharp edges of wiring, and the cable shall bear pressure, bending, tension, cross tensile load and impact force. If the cable sheath strength is not enough, then the insulating layer of the cable will be seriously damaged, thus affecting the service life of the cable, or cause a short circuit, fire and injury risk problems.

The radiation cross linking material, has high mechanical strength. Cross linking process alters the chemical structures of polymer, fusible thermoplastic materials into non fusible elastomer material, cross link radiation significantly improved cable insulation material thermal properties, mechanical properties and chemical properties.

Electrical properties

1 DC resistance of finished cable 20 ℃conductor DC resistance is less than 5.09 Ω /km.

The 2 voltage test in water of finished cable ( 20m ) at ( 20± 5 )℃ water immersion time of 1h after 5min voltage test ( 6.5kV AC or DC 15kV ) without breakdown.

In 3 long-term high DC voltage samples into long 5m, (85 ±2)℃containing 3% sodium chloride ( NaCl ) of distilled water ( 240 ±2) h, 30cm ends sticking out of the water. Line core and water plus 0.9kV DC voltage ( conductive core line is connected to the positive electrode, the water is connected with the negative pole ). The specimen is removed after the voltage test in water, the test voltage of AC 1kV, requires no breakdown.

The 4 insulation resistance of cables 20 ℃insulation resistance is not less than 1014 Ωcm at 90 ℃, the finished cable insulation resistance of not less than 1011Ωcm.

The 5 sheath surface resistance of finished cable sheath surface resistance should not be less than 109 Ω.

Solar cable applications

Widely used in indoor and outdoor solar energy equipment installation of electrical lines.

Properties: low smoke halogen-free, excellent cold resistance, ultraviolet, ozone and weather resistance. Flame retardant, cut-resistant, resistance to penetration. Cable protection level ii.

Environment temperature: -40 ℃~ +90 ℃;

Maximum conductor temperature: 120 ℃( allows the 5S internal short-circuit temperature 200 ℃);

Rated voltage: AC0.6/1kV DC1.8kV

Design service life: 25 years

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