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Solar junction box selection

Update Time:2012.09.20 News Sources:sunyosolar

Solar junction box for solar photovoltaic system components of a connector.

Solar junction box of the main role is to solar cell module generates electricity by the cable lead-out, due to solar cell applications and the specificity of its own expensive value.

Solar junction box several major characteristics:

( a ) shell has strong ageing resistance, ultraviolet light resistance ability;

( two) with the outdoor bad environment conditions of use requirements;

( three) for excellent heat dissipation mode and reasonable cavity volume to effectively reduce the internal temperature, to meet the electrical safety requirements;

( four) a good waterproof, dustproof protection for the user to provide a secure connection scheme.

At present, the junction box product quality assessment from the TUV, UL certification. Major domestic wiring box manufacturers also are committed to research and development for the user to provide more safe, efficient, reliable connectivity to the junction box, are in the R & D products through TUV, UL certification efforts.

Dongguan City three Yu photovoltaic Limited is committed to solar photovoltaic connectors, junction box, a photovoltaic wire and photovoltaic connected components of the R & D and production, widely used in photovoltaic power plant, power grid, power generation, roof systems, household power supply system, solar mobile power, solar mobile phone battery, communication power supply, solar lighting (street, lawn lamp, garden lights and traffic lights ), solar energy and other fields, and formed by the product development, mold design, production to sales of all in one service, providing customers with high quality products, quality service.

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of terminal box

First class: traditional type

Advantages : clamping connection, quick operation, convenient repair.

Disadvantage: because of the existence of electrical terminals, terminal box of large volume, poor heat. On the shell of the cable hole will lead to products waterproof performance. Line contact is connected, the conductive area is small, can not be connected reliably.

The improved scheme:

In 1, with good heat dissipation metal terminals instead of electrical terminals, solder connection mode to increase the contact area.

In 2, the clamping screws and " double insurance" fixed connection, increase the reliability of.

The 3 heat sink, and improved heat dissipation performance.

4, take a high density of PCB plate welding, reducing the contact resistance.

Second: sealing glue sealing compact

Advantages: due to the use of thin sheet metal terminals soldered, small size, and has better heat dissipation, stability. Because the glue sealing, waterproof, dustproof performance is better. To provide more flexible connection scheme, according to the different needs can be used sealing adhesive and sealant in two ways.

Disadvantages: once the sealing problems, repair is not convenient.

Third: special type glass curtain wall


Because it is used for small power solar photovoltaic, box making more little and dainty, will not affect the indoor lighting and aesthetics.

Also the sealing glue seal design, with a good thermal conductivity, stability and performance of water-proof and dust-proof.


Due to the adoption of the soldering connection, cable wire outlet hole and extends to both sides of the box body, the box body is welded to a metal terminal is very inconvenient.

Dongguan City three Yu photovoltaic Limited is committed to solar photovoltaic connectors, junction box, a photovoltaic wire and photovoltaic connected components of the R & D and production, welcome 0769-82281300 orders!

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